Sunday, September 7, 2008


Thank you for participating as a VIP judge in our Tomorrow's Newsmakers program.
Your vote along with our "People's Choice" vote will pick the winners of this special award.

There are five different categories with five nominees in each. Please read through everyone's bio and based on your opinion alone, rank the nominees from one to five (one being the winner).A voting form was sent to you.

Email the completed form to with your choices. Final winners no later then October 6, 2008. Thank you so much!

Here's some things to think of when reviewing our nominees.

 Business Category-
Innovative Business and or idea
Providing Jobs to community
Does business have opportunity for expansion?
Financial success or opportunity for
Did business owner overcome challenges?
Does owner show an outstanding work ethic?

 Sports-
Does athlete show exceptional skill?
Did athlete overcome challenges?
What’s their track record…number or wins/homeruns/distance run …etc
Is athlete inspirational to their team?

 Politics/Government/Activist
Socially conscience
Community involvement
Impact within their constituency
Goes above and beyond

 Arts and Entertainment
Exhibits extraordinary talents
Creativity and desire
Experience to date

 Student
Student who shows an interest and capacity in forging ahead with a communications/broadcasting degree
After school activities
Accomplishments related to field